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The Tiger class focuses on teaching young children the basics of Infinity's system of martial arts.  Students in this class learn how classes begin and end, how to line up for class, the standard warm-up, basic kicks, punches, and blocks.  The Tiger class is designed for young students to learn martial arts in a safe and fun environment.

Older children entering this class have either graduated from the Tiger class or are beginners that are too old to start with the Tigers.  This class teaches all of the same curriculum as the Tiger class, but also expands to include teaching the basic and advanced forms, basic technique, one-step fighting, and moving kicks.  Students are taught at their own pace in class and practice outside of the classroom is expected as students advance beyond white belt.


In the teens and adults class, students are taught the same curriculum as the children class.  Beginning students and children's class graduates are combined in this class. The grouping of this class is designed to put roughly similar body sizes together.  This helps make a more cohesive training environment.  On a case-by-case basis, Infinity will allow students younger than 13 to train in this class.  Exceptions include: advanced children (brown or above), and parents and children training together.  


Infinty incorporates two types of sparring: exchange sparring and free sparring.  Students learn the mechanics of sparring at the 1st and 2nd degree yellow belt level.  Free sparring begins for students at the green belt level.  


Sparring is only allowed under the supervision of a certified instructor.


In order to spar,students must wear protective equipment approved by the Head Instructor of the school.  While safety is our number 1 priority, bumps and bruises do occur while sparring.  


Parents who want to train with their children are encouraged to do so.  Unlike most children's activities where a parent can only coach or supervise, martial arts is an activity you can do with your children.  To accomodate parents, we offer you the opportunity to train in the same class and your child(ren).  We also offer tuition discounts for family members.  Our only requirement is that your child should be at least 7 years old.  


If you are interested, contact us.


In the advanced classes, students learn the principles of the Youn Wha style of martial arts.  These principles include various methods of self-defense and advanced sparring and fighting techniques that apply not only inside the school, but in the real world.  


Students must be at least a brown belt to participate in this class.  Once at this level, students have learned the fundamentals and control necessary to begin learning the Youn Wha techniques.


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