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The Youn Wha Rhu system of martial arts is shrouded in mystery and legend.  Grandmaster Han himself has stated that the actual facts of Youn Wha Ryu's history are unclear.  He relates the story told to him by his Youn Wha Master, Sae Chong Won.


Youn Wha was a legendary female martial artist living on a remote island in the Orient.  She was a recognized master of Alchemy and a highly skilled martial artists.  Her beauty was as talked about as her skill level in the martial arts.  Because of this, many highly proficient martial artists in the nations embarked on journeys to see her and train with her.


However, in order to reach her, the martial artists had to defeat and avoid traps that could maim and kill the unwary.  It was only the best and most highly skilled martial arts masters that weathered these pitfalls and were rewarded with the opportunity to view the beautiful Youn Wha.  Unbeknownst to these masters, Youn Wha would use her skills in alchemy to prevent these high level martial artists from leaving her island by drugging their food and drink.  As she was the only one who had the antidote for the drug, those who left her fortress died.  In this way, she required the masters to write down their secrets so she could gain the knowledge of their systems and train in the techniques.  It is from these writings that the system of Youn Wha was formed.  The Youn Wha system contains all high level techniques from all systems and is unique in that no other system contains so many high level principles in one training method.


Youn Wha Ryu, therefore, is an advanced system of fighting techniques from almost every available style of martial art.  Due to its complexity, Grandmaster Han integrated Tae Kwon Do into his teaching system.  With Tae Kwon Do as a foundation, he combines his fifty years of knowledge into a complete martial arts system.


Tae Kwon Do is considered a basic system because it can be learned by anyone.  Youn Wha, however, is extremely complex and requires several years of basic training before its concepts can be understood.  Training in the Tae Kwon Do system that Grandmaster Han teaches enables his students to observe the weakness of their own training and that of other martial art styles.  In this way, his students are well equiped to deal with any fighting method they may encounter.


With Youn Wha, the student is now able to develop a higher degree of timing, speed, balance, control (mental and physical) and confidence.  It has taken Grandmaster Han a lifetime to develop and edit this system so that anyone and everyone may participate.

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